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Michael Roberts - Robots & A.I. - Utopia or Dystopia?


Robots and AI are a leap forward in mechanisation and automation but are they fundamentally different from earlier revolutions in technology? Huge numbers of existing human occupations may disappear and be replaced by robots, but will new jobs replace the old?  Can the information revolution and AI take human beings out of hours and years of toil into a new world of leisure?  Will the basic contradictions of inequality, crises and exploitation under capitalism be ended? Does this mean that history as class struggle will end or will it intensify as robots take the jobs and the owners of robots rule?

Michael Roberts is a Marxist economist who has worked in the City of London for over 30 years.  He is author of The Great Recession (2009) and The Long Depression (2016) and has regular blog at He has presented at the ILS on several previous occasions.


Tomislav Medak - Disrupting Technological Change

In his Labour and Monopoly Capital Harry Braverman impresses on the reader that the 'key to innovation is not to be found in ... any of the products of [the] science-technologies, but rather in the transformation of science itself into capital'. Technological change is a multifactorial processes, ye...