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Werner Bonefeld - Primitive Accumulation and Capitalist Accumulation: Critical Notes on Class and Dispossession


Primitive accumulation is not just the historical starting point of capitalism, but, qua coercive proletarianisation, central to its essence. The separation of labour from the means of existence holds sway in the concept of capital. Primitive accumulation is therefore not just a historical past from which capitalist social relations emerged; rather, it is fundamental to the concept of capital. Marx’s critique of political economy expounds economic categories as social categories founded on and subsisting through the logic of separation. The methodological implications of this reading of the significance of primitive accumulation in capitalism are profound and its political implications formidable.

Werner Bonefeld, is a member of the Department of Politics at the University of York in Great Britain. He is one of the cofounders of the internationally renowned school of Open Marxism and a co-editor of three volumes devoted to it (Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3). His research interests include primitive accumulation, theory of the state, critique of European Union and many other issues from the field of critique of political economy.


Werner Bonefeld - Prvotna akumulacija in kapitalistična akumulacija: Kritične beležke o razredu in razlastitvi

Prvotna akumulacija ni zgolj zgodovinska točka začetka kapitalizma, temveč je kot  prisilna proletarizacija ključna za njegov obstoj. Ločitev delovne sile od življenjskih sredstev je bistvena za koncept kapitala. Prvotna akumulacija torej ni zgolj preteklo zgodovinsko obdobje, iz katerega so vzniknila kapitalistična družbena razmerja, temveč je bistvena za koncept kapitala. Marxova kritika politične ekonomije razlaga ekonomske kategorije kot družbene kategorije, utemeljene in obstoječe na logiki ločitve. Metodološke implikacije takšnega branja pomena prvotne akumulacije v kapitalizmu so obsežne, njegove politične implikacije pa silne.

Werner Bonefeld je član Oddelka za politologijo na Univerzi York v Veliki Britaniji. Je eden izmed ustanoviteljev mednarodno priznane šole Odprtega marksizma in sourednik treh zbornikov (zbornik 1, zbornik 2, zbornik 3), posvečenih tej šoli. Raziskuje prvotno akumulacijo, teorijo države, kritiko Evropske unije in številne druge probleme s področja kritike politične ekonomije.


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